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The Johnson Academy of Therapeutic Learning offers an Effective learning alternative to the “one size fits all” approach of the mainstream education system. The Johnson Academy is a safe, supportive, and effective environment for struggling students that allows for academic excellence. The Johnson Academy serves a variety of students, each of whom are recognized as unique and individual. A thorough assessment of each student’s strengths and weaknesses is administered in order to provide an educational plan addressing specific needs.

The use of intensive academic therapies and evidence-based programs that remediate deficits allow for students to become proficient learners. Our mission is to provide an individualized education, whether students require a brief, intensive ,or long-term educational program. The Speech, Language & Learning Center offers a comprehensive assessment battery consisting of diagnostic tests designed to identify your child’s strengths and to pinpoint weaknesses. After the assessment, a consultation is scheduled to explain the results and discuss an individualized intervention designed to specifically address areas of concern.