Computer Based Programs

Computer based learning programs provide customized learning environments for each child

At the Speech Language and Learning Center, we provide a number of different learning programs based on our assessment of your child and their specific needs.


Earobics® is a computer based program that provides individually paced instruction in the foundational skills necessary for reading. Progressively more challenging levels of instruction are utilized to help students build critical literacy skills including recognizing and blending sounds, rhyming words and discriminating the individual sounds, or phonemes, within words.

Read Naturally®

Readers with fluency problems read slowly and inaccurately which may interfere with reading comprehension. Reading can become an unpleasant task. Fluent readers read without thinking about the process, allowing them to focus on the meaning, making reading a pleasurable activity. Read Naturally provides struggling readers with an individually-paced program to develop reading fluency utilizing three research-based strategies:

  1. Teacher Modeling
  2. Repeated Reading
  3. Progress Monitoring

By combing these strategies into one powerful program, Read Naturally keeps students on task as they build reading fluency and accelerate their reading achievement.