We help kids with their math skills by focusing on their individual needs.

MIND Research Institute Math

MIND Research Institute Math uses spatial temporal reasoning to develop and enhance performance in mathematics. The MIND Institute K-5 program delivers math training through a series of computerized games which target grade-level mathematical curriculum. The program is aligned to California state standards and is based on 30+ years of solid, groundbreaking research into the mind at the University of California. The engaging and motivating computer games keep students captivated while improving their performance in mathematics. The MIND Research Institute's Algebra Readiness rebuilds a solid math foundation for struggling middle and high school students. The MIND's innovative visual approach engages students by engaging the learners' spatial temporal reasoning abilities to form the foundation for success in Algebra 1.

The Singapore Math Method

Individualized or small-group instruction based on the internationally recognized Singapore Math curriculum is offered to complement as well as remediate difficulties in mathematical skills. Math students in Singapore consistently place first on international math exams, not because they are brighter than American students, but because they receive superior instruction. The Singapore Method teaches mathematical concepts from concrete through pictorial to abstract, enabling students to solve complex, multi-step problems. The program provides students with the technical mastery and deep understanding necessary to succeed in Algebra and higher mathematics. The Johnson Academy offers diagnostic examinations to evaluate your child's proficiency and place him or her at the appropriate instructional level.