The Johnson Academy of Therapeutic Learning

The Johnson Academy is the only school in Orange County dedicated to offering a California State Standards curriculum in tandem with academic, auditory and language based therapies.

The Johnson Academy provides small group instruction. The Johnson Academy provides a full-day curriculum instruction based on California standards or a supplemental curriculum. California credentialed teachers work with your child providing individually-paced instruction in academics. Whether your child requires remedial attention to prepare them to return to mainstream education or to enhance their current academic skills, our teachers strive to assist each child to reach their fullest potential.

What is the Johnson Academy?

The Johnson Academy of Therapeutic Learning offers an effective learning alternative to the “one size fits all” approach of the mainstream education system. The Johnson Academy is a safe, supportive, and effective environment for struggling students that allows for academic excellence. The Johnson Academy serves a variety of students, each of whom are recognized as unique and individual. A thorough assessment of each student’s strengths and weaknesses is administered in order to provide an educational plan addressing specific needs. The use of intensive academic therapies and evidenced-based programs that remediate deficits allow for students to become proficient learners. Our mission is to provide an individualized education, whether students require a brief, intensive, or long-term educational program.

The Singapore Math Method

Individualized or small-group instruction based on the internationally recognized Singapore Math curriculum is offered to complement as well as remediate difficulties in mathematical skills. Math students in Singapore consistently place first on international math exams, not because they are brighter than American students, but because they receive superior instruction. The Singapore Method teaches mathematical concepts from concrete through pictorial to abstract, enabling students to solve complex, multi-step problems. The program provides students with the technical mastery and deep understanding necessary to succeed in Algebra and higher mathematics. The Johnson Academy offers diagnostic examinations to evaluate your child's proficiency and place him or her at the appropriate instructional level.