Company Profile

Cathy Johnson became a licensed Speech/Language Pathologist in 1991 after completing a B.A. and M.A. in Communication Disorders, with a minor in Child Development. Cathy also earned a special day class credential. Cathy initially focused on treating young children with speech and language disorders but broadened her scope of practice when those same young children returned to her for help in reading. Additionally, Cathy's own daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and her mission to help children became her passion. Cathy is committed to finding the best research-based approaches to help children of all ages. From this, Cathy’s dream to help parents and teachers identify and remediate deficits as early as possible was born.

The use of intensive academic therapies and evidence-based programs that remediate deficits allow for students to become proficient learners. Our mission is to provide an individualized education, whether students require a brief, intensive ,or long-term educational program. The Speech, Language & Learning Center offers a comprehensive assessment battery consisting of diagnostic tests designed to identify your child’s strengths and to pinpoint weaknesses. After the assessment, a consultation is scheduled to explain the results and discuss an individualized intervention designed to specifically address areas of concern.